Who we are

We are one Global Cultural Sector

A virtual venue; an income-generating platform that connects creators, institutions, and theatres, with their audiences virtually and globally.

What we do


  • Provide a safe and secured platform for income generation for the cultural sector
  • Provide a tool for the cultural sector to maintain and be self-sustained financially during turbulent times
  • Provide a tool for the cultural sector to maintain relationships, and enable it to engage, with its audiences
  • Provide the necessary actual data for the cultural sector to analyse audience behaviour given the changing social dynamics, in order to create informed future strategic plans

Why we do it

The current COVID-19 outbreak has affected the cultural sector heavily, and specifically its freelancers and artists. As the situation will undoubtedly take some time to return to “close to normal”, and there are bound to be new social and cultural dynamics and new practices in the post-pandemic period, we wanted to create a tool for the Cultural sector to maintain and be self-sustained, keep meaningful contact with its audiences, while keeping them engaged, away from the sudden flood of virtual content.

is a virtual venue; a platform for performing and visual artists, filmmakers, animators, and institutions to live stream, share content, conduct live or pre-recorded sessions, while being able to charge their audiences a modest fee to safeguard their incomes. Artists will be able to create a profile and start self-organising their interventions and events. The platform will allow them to use the ticketing system to sell viewing or participation fees and each viewer will receive a token that can be used with one IP address. Artists will also have the opportunity to keep their content online for audiences to view at a later date upon purchasing a token for the time they want. Artists will receive audience reports with which they can study audience demographics and their changing behaviour – if any. Along with these insights, artists will be able to generate income during turbulent times and keep going if situations with health precautionary measures remain in place for longer periods. Audiences will be able to browse the platform by genre or by artist name. Upon subscribing to an event or a session they will receive a token and a calendar invite in their mailboxes. They will also be able to communicate with artists using the interaction panel that the platform will provide.


Theatres, museums and spaces all around the world are yet not very certain when exactly they can open their doors to their audience, and when they do, what are the new practices they should adapt in the post-pandemic period. We are not expecting events with large number of audiences to kick-off immediately when theatres are back in function, but rather a gradual come-back will take place. Hence, same income stream won’t be possible immediately, but will take some time. During those days where everyone turned to the online interaction, we feel that the world has become more connected, and so it has to stay post the pandemic. For this reason, we envision the platform to allow performers, and theatres to reach beyond their physical attendance, and still sell tickets (at a lower rate possibly) for their audiences world-wide, which complements our idea of facilitating the ecosystem for a
to emerge and develop.